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Dung-Sniffing Dog Seeks Rare Tigers

The best dogs for your task, the girl said, are generally hunting or perhaps sheep herding dogs that can easily detect the actual musky give an impression of the particular tiger's scat, excrement left by method of a wild animal.

Now, researchers are generally hoping the particular tiger scat may help determine the particular existence involving tigers in Seima alongside making use associated with their sex, get older as well as whether or perhaps not virtually any tend to be pregnant or perhaps below threat.

"The greatest method to discover tigers within the jungle is to utilize dogs simply because these people will find tigers by their own smell," Men Soriyun said.

"We don't want a dog that may hunt tigers," said Kerley, that accompanied Maggie to Cambodia. The Particular last indicator of a tiger was at 2007, each moment a paw print was spotted in the park.

The fear, O'Kelly said, is that the dogs don't discover virtually any droppings.

WCS and the wild cat conservation group Panthera, in addition situated in New York, are usually paying about $30,000 to always be able to bring Maggie and a second dog via Russia for you to Seima later this year.

"As we acquire the particular technology for you to extract issues through scat just like DNA and also hormones, just about all involving sudden scat becomes a gold mine associated with information," said Linda Kerley, a WCS consultant whom trained your dogs in Russia.

Men Soriyun, a new project manager regarding Seima Biodiversity Conservation Area, stated he feels dogs offer the particular very best hope of choosing the tigers along with that the approach might be employed by additional national reserves.

Since then, dogs have been accustomed to research pertaining to jaguars throughout South Usa and leopards within Africa.

All 6 dogs taught in order to research for tigers had been trained by simply Kerley throughout Russia's Lazovsky nature Reserve.

"We think this is the actual best approach once we possess a large location and not that many tigers," mentioned Hannah O'Kelly, a wildlife monitoring adviser for your New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society.

O'Kelly said the information from your dung would allow researchers for you to set up any baseline population associated with tigers for that reserve then develop a new conservation plan based around the numbers and the potential threats.

The flip in order to dogs arrives after camera traps along with area surveys failed to get the huge cats last year. "We desire a dog that wants to hunt for your scent in the scat."

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia -- Maggie your German wirehaired pointer provides arrived in Cambodia having an unusual task _ sniffing out tiger droppings within among Cambodia's largest naturel reserves.

The unorthodox move to become able to employ a new dog trained in Russia to research with regard to indications of the big cats is part of the marketing campaign to boost any tiger population inside Asia which has plummeted to always be able to as few as 5,000 from 100,000 a century ago.

Cambodia will be the first country in Asia to employ dogs in order to search for tigers, a new method scat tube video pioneered in Russia's Way East that led to a precise count of the hundreds of tigers spread throughout the region's numerous thousand miles (kilometers).

Starting next week, your salt-and-pepper, 6-year-old will start scouring the particular undergrowth and sniffing regarding tiger scent upon trees at the 1,158 square mile (3,000 square kilometer) Seima Biodiversity Conservation Region within northeastern Cambodia.

The effort to locate tiger droppings is a component of your larger marketing campaign simply by conservationists worldwide in order to mine animal droppings pertaining to genetic information like DNA that can save endangered species.

Elephant dung, regarding example, was adopted a pair of years ago for you to calculate the people associated with pachyderms inside Malaysia's Taman Negara National Park.

Bringing in the a pair of dogs is a component of the $10 million, 10-year initiative launched within 2006 by WCS as well as Panthera called "Tigers Forever." This aims to boost your quantity of tigers by 50 percent within Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, the particular Russian Way East and Thailand via a selection of measures that will consist of better monitoring, assessments regarding threats and efforts to always be able to minimize your dangers facing the big cats.

It will be unclear how many tigers tend to be even left in Cambodia, where _ similar to inside a lot involving Asia _ poaching and also habitat encroachment are blamed pertaining to decimating the population.

"If we protect the entire area as well as we do not discover any tiger scat, then we can become reasonably confident there are no tigers," O'Kelly said. "That could be really disappointing along with I hope that doesn't happen."
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